Welcome to the Rhenish High School ChromeStore

The ChromeStore simplifies the process of purchasing a Chrome device and/or licence for your child. For more information about Chrome devices please visit (www.cloudedu.co.za/chromebooks/)


All orders placed within the order deadlines will be delivered directly to the school within the dates shown below.

Order date deadlineDelivery Period
Delivery window #108 Nov 2023Delivery by 04 Dec 2023
Delivery window #211 Dec 2023Delivery by 16 Jan 2024
Delivery window #312 Jan 2024Delivery by 31 Jan 2024
Delivery window #431 Jan 2024Delivery dependent on stock

* Orders received after 18 January 2024 will be fulfilled, but delivery will be dependent on available stock.

** UPDATE 12 January: Please note that the Acer Spin 511 MT is now out of stock.

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